Blood & Bone Marrow


Every hour of every day someone in our community needs donated blood to live. It may be a child receiving chemotherapy, a mother undergoing surgery, or a hospital suffering from an urgent blood shortage. Blood is a lifesaving resource that cannot be manufactured. When the need arises, it is a matter of life and death for patients and hospitals to have blood products available.

Bikur Cholim organizes and operates the largest Blood Drives and Direct Donor Blood & Platelet Program in Greater Los Angeles. We partner directly with hospitals to ensure blood is available for you, your family, and each local community.

At a Bikur Cholim Blood Drive your blood counts as a gift from the Jewish community to our City’s hospitals. If you are interested in donating blood, organizing a blood drive, or know of someone in need of blood products, please call us at (323) 852-1900 or email

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