Shira V'Zimra

At Bikur Cholim we understand that a patient's well-being doesn't just depend on a physician or medication. Helping to keep one's spirits high as they battle illness has an enormous effect on the emotional impact of being sick, and at the very least can provide a brief "escape". With this in mind our Shira V’Zimra helps ease their burden through the following:

Melava Malka Kumzitz – When one is confined at home or hospitalized as they battle or recover from illness, having friendly faces nearby to be mechazek them is so important. Bikur Cholim organizes groups of musicians and singers who visit patients to create a Melava Malka Kumzitz experience. This heartfelt chizuk can change a patient and the family’s entire perspective and continue to inspire their hope for a refuah shelaima.

Multimedia Library – This extensive library offers free loan of iPods, DVD players and a complete catalog of music and movies. This is especially helpful for those undergoing ongoing chemotherapy and infusion treatment that can last for hours per session or the long lonely days spent in rehabilitation.

If you should know of anyone in your community who may benefit from this chesed program, please call us at (323) 852-1900 or email

Bikur Cholim