Holocaust Survivors Assistance Program

The Bikur Cholim Holocaust Survivors Assistance Program (HSAP) addresses the health and welfare needs of the most vulnerable surviving victims of Nazi persecution who live in poverty. It is the highest priority of the HSAP that the medical needs of these Survivors be addressed with the utmost dignity and care, and with a realization that time is of the essence for a diminishing population.

Bikur Cholim is uniquely suited to provide trusted services to Holocaust Survivors and follows in the time-honored footsteps of community assistance organizations of pre-War Jewish life in Europe. When a Jewish Holocaust Survivor hears the words "Bikur Cholim", they inherently trust us, as we represent a continuation of the life and traditions of their lost home. Each Survivor has a case manager who understands and is sensitive to their culture, past, experiences, and special needs.

The escalating costs of health care, home care, custodial care, housing, food, and transportation has an overwhelming impact on those Survivors of limited financial means. The lives of many Survivors have been jeopardized or completely deteriorated due to their impoverished state. Tragically, many Survivors do not receive the life-saving care and attention they need due to lack of funds. HSAP responds to this crisis by helping pay for home care, health care, medication, food, and transportation.

In 2014 Bikur Cholim’s HSAP was awarded an allocation to help support social services in the amount of $60,000 by the Claims Conference on Jewish Claims Against Germany to be used for the neediest victims of Nazi persecution.

As many organizations continue commemorating those who perished in the Holocaust through ceremony and memorials, Bikur Cholim hears the voices of those who have survived and answers their calls for help.

Bikur Cholim